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SWAROVSKI®   2088  Crystal Lilac  Foiled SWAROVSKI® 2088 Crystal Lilac Foiled
Farbnr. 001L126S

ab 7,80 ÔéČ*
SWAROVSKI®   2088  Majestic Blue   Foiled SWAROVSKI® 2088 Majestic Blue Foiled
Farbnr. 296

ab 2,15 ÔéČ*
SWAROVSKI®   2088  Crystal Buttercup  Foiled SWAROVSKI® 2088 Crystal Buttercup Foiled
Farbnr. 001L124S

ab 7,80 ÔéČ*
SWAROVSKI®   2088  Crystal Lime  Foiled SWAROVSKI® 2088 Crystal Lime Foiled
Farbnr. 001L125S

ab 2,94 ÔéČ*



Representing a major leap forward in its tradition of innovation, XIRIUS is SwarovskiÔÇÖs most brilliant crystal yet. Improving on the success of the revolutionary chaton cut, the xIRIUS range has now been expanded to include Flat Back hotfix and No hotfix, Sew-on Stone, Lochrose, and Forward Integrated elements, using the XIRIUS Rose cut. XIRIUS was named after Sirius, the brightest star in the galaxy ÔÇô a sparkling vision reflected in each new product. the beautifully intricate star cut, rich color, and enhanced foiling come together to produce unrivaled brilliance and an exceptionally durable new generation of crystal.






Using the most innovative and unique multilayer cut in the market, Swarovski has created the celestial-inspired XIRIUS cut.

From over 10,000 photometric simulation cuts, thirteen were chosen to be evaluated by Swarovski experts. three were considered fit for a subsequent market survey, which elected the XIRIUS design as a sparkling new addition.

froM 10,000 canDiDates We chose one star.




Using advanced optical measurement and high-precision techniques, the exclusive x-cut technology delivers premium gemstone-like cuts. their unrivaled levels of radiance and clarity have been scientifically shown to surpass the market standard. the result is a myriad of light, which is reflected and refracted in the many facets and angles of the cut, creating extraordinary sparkle and shine.

the science of precision cutting and the celebration of crystal as an art form come together in the XIRIUS products, SwarovskiÔÇÖs most brilliant crystal stones.

x-cut technoloGY offers uncoMProMisinG Precision for 100% Perfection.




The exceptional sparkle and light refraction of the XIRIUS Rose cut can be demonstrated scientifically, but is also evident to the naked eye. According to Light-Point-Scintillation measurements, XIRIUS Rose shows an optimized light point distribution compared to other products.

By solving the mystery of the symbiotic relationship between light and radiance, advanced materials and cut, XIRIUS Rose unlocks record brilliance in every product.

exPerience a neW leVel of brilliance, scientificallY ProVen.




HOTFIX ÔÇô quick, easy, and versatile
SwarovskiÔÇÖs revolutionary hotfix technology offers a flexible and durable way to apply crystals. With application already possible from low temperatures, hotfix allows for customers to adjust the application time to their specific requirements. the adhesive strength and washability of hotfix is suitable for most textiles.

PLATINUM PRO for maximum resistance and extended lifespan
Platinum Pro, an enhanced foiling that has increased the durability of all XIRIUS products, has been specially engineered to meet all regulatory requirements and withstand even the most demanding processing methods. As such, the crystal is able to resist damage from common environmental factors such as chlorine, salt water, and perfume.

hotfix anD PlatinuM Pro: Quick fix, lonG last.




With the addition of the XIRIUS Sew-on Stone, the range of classic Sew-on products has been extended to include an even more dazzling spectrum of colors and effects.

Its hole diameters are adapted to allow for the perfect fit of all commonly used threads, plus the rounded edges of the entry and exit minimize thread damage. easily sewn on either by hand or with a standard domestic or industrial sewing machine, XIRIUS Sew-on Stone is ideal for use in a wide range of decorative applications, including fine embroidery and jewelry. the ratio of table size to base size has been expertly calculated to achieve optimum levels of brilliance and ease of application.

the seW-on stone is as useful as it is brilliant.




The secret to XIRIUS Lochrose is the uniqueness of its multifaceted finish. Made for hand-sewn, decorative applications, XIRIUS Lochrose shines when used in traditional wear and bridalwear. It features the same functional advantages as the XIRIUS Sew-on Stone.

each one of its sParklinG facets Makes the xirius lochrose a success.




XIRIUS is available in a wide range of colors and effects. SwarovskiÔÇÖs researchers and trend experts are always on the cutting edge of future trends, launching new colors and effects twice a year.

the Material of toMorroW ÔÇô caPtureD in a rainboW.



Not only does XIRIUS have the Oeko-tex┬« Standard 100 certification, which guarantees its chemical safety when in direct contact with skin, but SwarovskiÔÇÖs own CLeAR program is in place to provide regular legal monitoring and testing to ensure absolute peace of mind for customers.

Furthermore, XIRIUS is made according to the ADVANCED CRYSTAL standard. A patented lead-free* formula, it has revolutionized the DNA of crystal while still offering SwarovskiÔÇÖs famous sparkle, variety, and dependability.

enJoY absolute Peace of MinD When buYinG a xirius ProDuct.



Artikel pro Seite: 100
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